Velda's Vision for Wilmington

Safer Neighborhoods

  • Establish a new Office of Neighborhood Development to work across departments to ensure the needs of individual neighborhoods are met
    • City-wide Neighborhood Clean & Safe Teams
    • Staffing parks and public spaces to promote safe and inviting outdoor recreation
  • Encouraging collaboration between the community and city public safety to address challenges in policing, fire, and emergency services
    • Improving the hiring process of law enforcement for diversity and locally engaged officers
    • Implementing body-worn cameras on all officers for safety, training, and transparency
  • Youth Advocacy Programs
    • Youth violence prevention & intervention
    • Youth police academy & firefighters explorer programs
  • Proactive emergency and pandemic preparedness initiatives

Empower Our People

  • Promoting holistic human development through invested focus on mental health, education, and training programs
    • Education Advocates to protect students rights and access to quality education
    • Access to technology for every student including laptops and internet
  • Making equitable investment in all neighborhoods including parks, public spaces, and infrastructure
    • Resources for homeownership and reducing blight and vacancy
    • Apprenticeship & neighborhood job programs
    • Eliminating aggressive, predatory, and selective enforcement policies
  • Promoting cultural affairs and activities to celebrate the rich, proud heritage of Wilmington’s diverse people
    • Support local artists and cultural institutions
    • Invest in arts programs for all ages
    • Tell the story of Wilmington
  • Policies that promote Social Justice & Economic Equity
    • Forums for citizen engagement to inform public policies
    • Partner with City Council to form a Judiciary Committee
    • Increasing access to capital for small businesses

Efficient Use of Resources

  • Deliver essential services of city government to all areas of the city
  • New policies to ensure fairness, accountability, and transparency in all transactions involving public funds
    • Reform the structure of public-private partnerships to ensure they work for the benefit of the public
    • Investing in projects throughout the city to promote economic growth and positive return on investment to taxpayers
  • Updating city facilities and infrastructure to promote environmental sustainability
    • Implementing smart-city technology
    • Lead and hazardous material removal